Co-op 100 rewards program

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How to register

Register your Co-op 100 rewards card by filling in the necessary details in the registration form page, located under the "Membership" tab.

Don't have a card? Simply visit any Hastings Co-op store (see list to your left under 'Our Businesses') or visit us at our Corporate Centre and ask for a Co-op 100 Rewards application form, where you'll also receive your rewards card that you can use instantly.

To register your card, either fill out the application form that you received with your card and submit it to any store or our Corporate Centre, or fill in the form below and click 'submit'. 

(Your card can be used straight away, but any points accumulated will only appear on your rewards card after the application form has been submitted and processed). 

About the rewards program

The Co-op 100 loyalty program is free and card is issued on the spot, earning you points from your first purchase. (Additional cards have a $5.00 fee)

Regardless of whether you’re filling the car up with fuel, buying groceries, farm supplies, hardware, a carton of beer or a gift from one of the Department Stores, when you're a Co-op 100 member you earn points and can look forward to a $15 reward voucher in the mail once you have accumulated 100 points. 

The Co-op 100 card is designed to reward loyal customers, but is different to the Hastings Co-op shareholder card.

Given we are not currently taking applications for new shareholder members, the Co-op 100 reward scheme offers an opportunity for customers to accumulate reward points.

It’s all about maintaining value for existing shareholders and giving the rest of the community the chance to be part of our loyalty program.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

  1. Hastings Co-operative Limited is providing a rewards program to active Co-op 100 members.
  2. Presentation and processing of the Co-op 100 Card at the time of purchase is required for the transaction to be counted towards accumulation of points. (No cards No points)
  3. All transactions are subject to Hastings Co-op terms and conditions
  4. Bulk and commercial quantities of goods and services are excluded from the Scheme. For ease of reference these include water tanks, bulk fuel transactions, bulk fertiliser and seed transactions and commercial irrigation projects.
  5. Points, or part thereof are accumulated on every eligible transaction.
  6. Once 100 points are accumulated the Co-op 100 Member is entitled to a rewards voucher to the value of $15.00 which can be used at participating Co-op businesses. The voucher is not redeemable for cash, must be redeemed in one transaction, and can not be used to pay off an account.
  7. Vouchers will have an expiry date of 6 months from the time of issue.
  8. Points are accumulated at different rates depending on the business unit. As at the 1st July 2019 the points are accumulated as follows:
    Store Transaction ($) Points
    Supermarkets 20.00 1
    Liquor 20.00 1
    Department Stores 12.00 1
    Mitre10 & CRT Stores 20.00 1
    Caltex Service Stations 40.00 1
    Bulk Fuel 50.00 1